Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Casio Cz 3000

Casio CZ3000, Custom Patches Demo

Text from the video :
  • A run-down of some patches I've made on my Casio CZ3000 Digital Synthesizer.
    My chorus unit does not work at all and external reverb and delay have been applied.

    Patch list in order of appearance:
    1) Synth Brass - An alteration of the brass preset
    2) 'Tinkerbell'
    3) 'FM Bell Paradise'
    4) Synth Pluck (a variation of the synth harp in the casio data book) - Good for trance music
    5) Super Strings
    6) Synth choir - I hate the preset one in the kyaboard so I made my own
    7) Chruch Pipe Organ - I made this completely by accident!
    8) Analougeish Polypad - One of my fave patches I've made on the board

    Please excuse my bad playing skills.

    Thanks for watching!

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