Friday, November 7, 2008

Yamaha AN1x

The mid 90s was the golden age for analog modelling synthesizers. During ten years the synthesizers had been losing knobs, sliders, and everything that makes the synthesizers works in real time. Edit a sound had become boring and difficult. So during 1996-1997 appear on the market the firsts analog modelling synthesizers. These synthesizers, based on DSP, emulate the sounds, and the architecture of the first synthesizers, but without their lacks. One of those firsts synthesizers was the Yamaha AN1x , 8 voices,2 parts , and 8 real time controls.

JayB's new Yamaha AN1x patches

Text from the video :
  • The second video for my AN1x, with some more "up to date" sounds. ;) Hope you like it.

    Download my sound bank FOR FREE at

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More info about Yamaha AN1x:

Yamaha AN1x pictures :

Yamaha AN1x on Ebay


Rémy said...

AN1x is not 8-voice polyphonic, but 10 ;)

Realtime controls also include the freely assignable "mod wheel" and x/z ribbon, which makes a total of 10 realtime controls :)

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