Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hartmann - Neuron

Hartmann Neuron, one of the most singular and unique synthesizers of the last years. The sound engine is based on Artificial Neuronal Networks. What???? .....

Let's check the Harmann's site :
  • "Template driven Multi-Component Particle Transform Synthesis with real-time controllable synthesis model parameters"
  • "ANN (Artificial Neural Network) controlled adaptive sound analysis for the parametric transformation of musical monophonic and polyphonic sounds"

OK, these are the basis but, do you want to know how it sounds? So check this demo created by taylor12k

Hartmann Neuron - audio demo - textures and pads

Text from the video :
  • Just going through some of the patches i created on the Neuron. going through quick, nothing fancy, but gives a good idea of one aspect that the Neuron excels in. Not a lot on the Neuron here, so figured it doesn't hurt to add another.

    apologies for the distortions.. the Neuron can be a bit unpredictable!

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