Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Synthesizer Performance - Nord Records

Nord Records live session. Gear used :
  • Clavia Nord Modular
  • Yamaha RMX1
  • Roland MC-303
  • Korg MS-2000
If anyone knows what is the red thing on the right-bottom corner leave a comment :)

amsterdamage trance minimal demo

Text from the video :
  • Just a quick demo to try and sync up the music to pictures on the tub

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Anonymous said...

The little red box is a Roland EF-303 effects box, with TB-303 clone and drum machine.

Thalassa said...

Thanks :) , as far as I remember ,I never saw one.

nord said...

thats right its an EF 303 , i use it to send the midi tempo signal and sync my delay effects perfectly, Excuse the mess iv not long moved in to that place... nord

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