Saturday, June 13, 2009

Studio Techniques - CV/Gate control using Reason

Two months ago Motu released Volta, a software pluging that allows you to control analog synthesizer using a audio interface, all of this without use any midi connection. Now Kurt from shows how to do de same using Propellerhead Reason.This is a very smart application of this software.

Reason 4.0 CV/Gate Controlling an Oberheim S.E.M.

Text from the video :
  • Reason CV signals converted to audio signals via the THOR Polysonic Synthesizer, will send a DC voltage through the Mark of the Unicorn 896 HD audio interface. In this manner Reason 4.0 can be used to control a variety of analog synthesizers that comply to the traditional CV/Gate voltage protocols. I tested this configuration with the ARP2600, which also works very well.

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