Monday, July 13, 2009

Comparative - ARP Odyssey 4075 - Yusynth ARP 4072

Now that I have at home an ARP Odyssey I've decided to compare the filter with my "Yusynth ARP 4072 filter clone" that I've built few months ago.

ARP Odyssey 4075 filter vs Yusynth ARP 4072 filter clone

Text from the video :
  • This is a side to side comparative between ARP Odyssey 4075 filter and a Yusynth ARP 4072 filter clone.

    It's suposed that the 4075 filter that is installed on the ARP Odyssey is the same filter as the 4072 that was installed on the ARP 2600. I have to opportunity to compare the the original 4075 filter with the Yusynth 4072 clone module , so I've decided to make a comparative. VCO is connected to the ARP Odyssey external input VCO is connected to the Yusynth ARP 4072 filter clone.

    As you can heard the Yusynth module is a very accurate clone of the original ARP filter. Only slight differences can be heard at resonance settings but even these differences can be minimized changing the cut-off and resonance parameters. For example with 80% of resonance in both filters the sound could be not the same but if you move the resonance to 90% on the Yusynth module you could get the same sound.

    So the only thing that I can say is... congrats Yves for your great work!!!

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