Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PPG - Wave 2

The PPG Wave 2 was one the firsts digital synthesizers. Actually it's not exactly a digital synth, it's a hybrid synth that combines digital oscillators with analog filters, VCAs. What make the sound of this synth really special are his WaveTable Oscillators .

thePPGs.com - Introducing the PPG Wave 2 - Part I

Text from the video :
  • This video shows the PPG Wave 2 - the first PPG wavetable synthesizer with analog filters - and the first really blue one as well :-).
    This synthesizer is nothing short of amazing - PERIOD !!

thePPGs.com - Introducing the PPG Wave 2 - Part II

Text from the video :
  • This second thePPGs.com PPG Wave 2 video will show you the insides of my PPG Wave 2 - and me playing an EXTREMELY out of sync track.
    Visit thePPGs.com for more info on these fantastic wavetable synthesizers

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More info about PPG Wave 2 :

PPG Wave 2 pictures :

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states said...

you return has, so far, been monumental !!!
first the 808 videos and now the PPG !!! wow !!!
pure satisfaction ! thanks mate !

Thalassa said...

Thanks :) , my philosophy now is to don't have the obligation to make a post everyday ( that was one of the reasons that made me leave the blog for a while ) just make a post if I find somthing that really impress me or think that is interesting. Not make a post because I should make a post.

states said...

even one per week would if it's that rare and that good as the past couple of post ! thanks !

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