Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Mono Evolver Presets MEK

Text from the video :
  • I've had several people ask me to post some of the factory presets from the Dave Smith Mono Evolver keyboard. Here are a few...along with a drum machine thru several "External In" patches. Most of these patches really take advantage of the stereo out - so unfortunately you will only hear them in mono. I used to have an Arp 2600 which was a joy to program with all the patch points. You can actually get even more radical sounds out of the MEK. Its internal patch system is very "modular like." Some of the presets are "drone" patches that play themselves - others utilize the sequencer. No matter what the patch, though, there is a sequence ready to go. I really like this synth. It is a programmer's dream. I would also like to get a Moog Little Phatty just for its "sound." But for electronica/experimental/noise stuff -you can't beat the MEK for versatility.

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