Monday, November 10, 2008

Analogue Solutions Red Square v2

Red Square, is a modern analog synthesizer from Analogue Solutions. It follows the tradition of semi-modular synthesizers, like Arp 2600, it has a pre-wired synthesizer but also you have a lot of patch points that allow you to create your "own synthesizer". This feature gives you a lot of freedom to get totally different sounds that you can't obtain with the pre-wired patch.

Analogue Solutions Red Square v2 Acid

Text from the video :
  • (Around 1:34 a note is dropped -- that's not the Red Square's doing -- my laptop went into sleep mode and skipped a note.)

    Just a demo to see what Red Square sounds like with a patch o' acieeed.

    Pretty much just using the top row of the synth, which is internally prepatched. Only patch cable is for allowing midi-to-cv pitch output to slightly mod the filter cutoff.

    You'll note that I didn't tweak the resonance. The rez is what I would call "touchy" it goes from rezzy to screaming self-oscillation in just a few degree turn of the knob, so I tend to set it and leave it. Will probably do a mod someday to change that.

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