Thursday, November 27, 2008

Elgam Carousel

I've discovered this great machine today.It's a combination between analog drum machine and organ. There isn't too much information (neither pictures) about this drum machine on the web. The manufacturer is Italian and probably is from late 70s. If you know something more about Elgam Carousel leave a comment :)

ELGAM CAROUSEL vintage drumbox groovebox

Text from the video :
  • This video shows the rare Elgam Carousel funny unknown drumbox in action! It can produce extremely funny, organ-like grooves :-)

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khoral said...

Wow, this is SO cool!
First time I hear about that Elgam thing, I'd love to do a track with that

Neven Dayvid said...

If you find prices for these too steep...
Check out the LOWREY MICRO GENIE (made in licence from JVC), its "genie" function is just that: rhythm, auto accompaniment and a funky ARPEGGIO that can be activated individually.
Instant groovebox a la 70´s...

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