Friday, May 22, 2009

Oberheim - Two Voice Synthesizer

The Oberheim Two Voice was one of the first truly polyphonic synthesizers. This synth was created putting together two SEM modules,( the first analog synthesizer from Oberheim ), a sequencer and a 37 keyboard . The only problem is that to use one patch with two voices you have to program equal parameters on the two SEM modules, but in the other hand, this synthesizer can be watched as multi timbral synth, because you can control one SEM module with the sequencer and the other one with the keyboard.

Oberheim Two Voice Demo Part 1

Text from the video :
  • Noodling on the Oberheim Two Voice to demonstrate its sonic abilities. Audio path is OB TVS into Seven Woods Audio SST-206 Space Station into Sony TCD-D100 DAT recorder.

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