Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Roland Juno 6

The Roland Juno 6 was the first of the Juno family (Juno 6 ,Juno 60 ,Juno 106 , Alpha Juno 1 Alpha Juno 2 and the modern Juno G and D ). Came out in 1982 , it's a 6 voice analog polysynth, with digital controlled oscillatos (DCO) . The Juno 6 don't have memory storage for patches ,don't have midi.... but have a very warm analog sound. The Juno 6 - 60 can be heared in a lot of Techno-pop records of the 80ths.

Roland Juno 6 in HI-Fi

Text from the video :
  • This is the Roland Juno 6 polyphonic analog synthesizer, heard in many songs and tracks since it's introduction in 1982. recorded direct w/o any external processing.
    All videos posted by Shaft9000 on YouTube are for demonstration purposes only. I have no affiliation with Roland or any other synthesizer manufacturer.

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