Saturday, November 8, 2008

Synthesizer Performance - Analogisch

One of the most successful synthesizer performance on the youtube. You can see here a lot of classic synthesizers in action. Just enjoy. presents Synth Jam

Text from the video :
  • Synth are Oberheim ob 8, Yamaha cs 60, Korg ms 20, m5, dotcom, studio electronics midimioog, prophet 5,roland sh 5, monopoly triggers dotcom , System 100 for bass, korg emx triggers all sequencers via midi to cv , dotcom sequencers for cv for Roland sh5 and m5, sequencers rolans system 104 for system 100 and filter from ob8.
    More Synth passiv in the video: Oberheim ob1, Jupiter 4, korg maxikorg, korg trident, moog liberation, fender rhodes........

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More info about analogisch:


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