Friday, November 28, 2008

Synthesizer Performance - Gianni Proietti - Oxygene II cover

In 1976 Jean Michel Jarre released Oxygene. A lot of people around the world discovered electronic music and synthesizers with this album. One of my favorites song on this album is Oxygene II , performed here by Gianni Proietti.

OXYGENE 2 Jean Michel Jarre Cover (New Version)

Text from the video :
  • My first video was removed from Youtube, but now that Mr. Jarre has given his permission I hope this video will remain up...
    In this new version I used Nord G2 for all the sequenced stuff (drums, bass, arpeggio) and the lead sounds, Access Virus Ti for pads and Moog LP for filter FX.
    For all JMJ fans out there,

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More info about Gianni Proietti:


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