Friday, December 19, 2008

Roland JX-8P

Roland JX-8P demo part 2. Great polysynth from the 80s made by Jexus

Roland JX8p | demo (2 of 2) by

Text from the video :
  • 1985 Roland JX-8p. All sounds programmed by WC Olo Garb. All melodies by WC Olo Garb. Video editing by WC Olo Garb. ||| Videos: showing you not what a synthesizer can do, but what a man can do with a synthesizer. [].[].[] Deep apologies to all the people disappointed by the lack of the attempt to recreate The Final Cuntdown patch.

    Watching this video in standard quality renders it quite useless. Choose HQ. THE SYNTH IS NOT ROUTED THRU ANY OVERDRIVE EFFECT.

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