Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MFOS - WP-20 Mini-Synth Sound Effects

The WP-20 Mini-synth is an old DIY project from Ray Wilson. Now Ray offers all the information about this project (schematics,wire diagrams ... ) on "Music from outer Space" his site for DIY synthestizers.

MFOS WP-20 Mini Synth - Virgin Voyage

Text from the video :
  • First sounds from my D.I.Y MFOS WP-20.. Build from junkbox parts, so all potentiometers are wrong values and logarithmic insted of linear.. Quite the task to control it! Still in testing/modding state so for the time being the panel is cardboard..

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More info about WP-20 Mini-Synth Sound Effects :

WP-20 Mini-Synth Sound Effects pictures :


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