Saturday, January 17, 2009

News - Moog Etherwave plus

Moog introduces his new Theremin "Etherwave Plus" , and now is not only an instrument is also a controller because has CV outs , so now you can control your analog synthesizers with one of coolest electronic instruments in the world.

Moog Etherwave Plus CV Controller/Theremin

Text from the video :
  • The newest member of the Moog Etherwave Theremin family is also the newest member of its controller family. The new Etherwave Plus extends the Theremins gestural playing technique to the world of analog synthesis and beyond by allowing the user to control gear with a wave of a hand, controlling synthesizers and effects while playing the Theremin. Its also a stand-alone CV (Control Voltage) controller.

    The Etherwave Plus CV control signals are proportional to the pitch and volume of the Theremins audio signal and can be connected to the pitch and volume CV inputs of a Little Phatty or other analog synthesizer for a new way to interact with a synth.
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