Friday, January 30, 2009

Vermona - Perfourmer

Vermona Perfourmer is like have four independents analog synthesizers inside of the same package. The front panel is divided in four parts and each one has 18 knobs, to edit the synth parameters. The Vermona Perfourmer can be configured as :
  • Four independent synths
  • Monophonic ( 4 voices stacked )
  • Duophonic
  • Polyphonic

Vermona Perfourmer + TB-303 (video 2)

Text from the video :
  • Video 2 of the Perfourmer / TB-303 combo...
    In this video, I have Synth 2 being controlled by CV/Gate from my TB-303 (out of frame). Synth 1, 3 & 4 are being controlled via MIDI, on the different channels, by Ableton Live. Synth 3 & 4 are using melodic oscillators, where Synth 1 is using white noise.

    The TB-303's actual audio is brought in later, through my mixer... (around the 4:55 time)

    Bass drum is from a TR-606 sample in Ableton

    More of my music:

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