Sunday, February 22, 2009

Electric Western - Phantastron

The Phantastron is a VCO / instrument based on vacuum tubes. The Phantastron has CV input so can be easily integrated on a modular system. On this video it's been controlled using a ribbon controller to create the kind of sounds that can be heard on sci-fi movies from the 50s

Zia Ribbon Controlling Phantastron

Text from the video :
  • Demonstrating the new Zia Ribbon Controller and the Phantastron from Electric Western.

    This setup is played much like a Trautonium. A ribbon controls the pitch and volume is controlled with a foot pedal.

    Technical Setup:

    The ribbon CV is fed into a Solid State 1V/oct oscillator which is fed to the sync input of the Phantastron. Audio is taken from the Phantastron only and delay is added.
    Volume is controlled by a Roland expression pedal that plugs into the Zia Ribbon's circuits (which are on the desk behind me) and controls a VCA.

    The ribbon shown is a prototype, and the nice wooden case has not been built yet...

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