Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Korg - X5D

Very good demo of what you can get from a synth if you knows how to program it. I would never expect that a Korg X5D could sound like this.

Korg X5D - JayB's Program Patches

Text from the video :
  • Again sounds you wouldn't expect from a Korg X5D.

    I made a new up-to-date video to exchange the older ones. You can see now, there's no MIDI cable plugged in. The sound is X5D ONLY.

    The sound bank is available for free at:

    Successfully tested on: Korg X5, X5DR, N1, N5 and other compatibles.

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More info about Korg X5D :

Korg X5D manuals :

Korg X5D pictures :

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Lucas said...

Hello, this link to download the sound bank is not working, it must be outdated.

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