Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pioneers - Curtis Roads interview with Curtis Roads, one of the pioneers in use granular synthesis in his musical compostions. This synthesis method is based on using small audio particles ( miliseconds) , called grains, to create new textures and sounds. Curtis is also well known for his books about granular synthesis and electronic music composition in general.

Motherboard - The granular synthesis of Curtis Roads

Text from the video :
  • There are two divergent streams in 20th century electronic music: The one most people are familiar with starts out with goofballs like Jean-Jacques Perrey and Vangelis noodling around on synthesizers and eventually devolves into Kaja Googoo. Curtis Roads is part of the other path, the one that follows insane geniuses like Stockhausen and Morton Subotnik and uses whatever-period-it-happens-to-be's state-of-the-art computer technology to produce compositions that completely defy conventional music logic and sometimes sound more like a freaked-out ATM than tunes you put on and listen to.

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