Sunday, May 17, 2009

News - MFOS - Sound Lab Ultimate

Sound Lab Ultimate is the latest project from "Music From Outer Space". It's a analog modular synthesizer released as DIY project. You can buy the PCB ( and front panels also ) on , and also there you will find a detailed building guide.


Text from the video :
  • This video describes the Sound Lab ULTIMATE. The latest project from Music From Outer Space. This is the largest most feature-rich single board analog synthesizer offered by MFOS. It is a challenging but very rewarding project. I offer a excellent quality PCB and professionally machined and silk-screened front and auxilliary panels for this project but as always you can make your own if you like. The synth's front panel is explored and several sample sounds are provided to show off some of the ULTIMATE's capabilities.

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More info about MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate :

Buy MFOS Sound Lab Ultimate PCB :


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