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ARP - Solina String Ensemble


Text from the video :
  • The Solina String-Ensemble came out 1973 and was the first "stand alone" electronic string ensemble - the original "string machine". It was a portable, cutdown version of the string ensemble, which was a part of the Eminent 310U organ. It sounds different to the Eminent 310U, although quite similar. It uses "divide-down" organ technology, is full polyphonic and has a very characterful sound.

    The Solina was a great success in the seventies and was used by many artists on many recordings. The String-Ensemble was developed and produced by Eminent in Holland. ARP bought the rights to sell it under their name. Outside the USA the "ARP STRING-ENSEMBLE" is known as "SOLINA STRING-ENSEMBLE". For the US market, ARP just put ARP-stickers on it...

    Many manufacturers tried to copy it (Logan String Melody, Elka Rhapsody, Crumar Multiman, Farfisa String Orchestra, Jen String Machine, Siel Orchestra, just to name a few). Indeed, every organ manufacturer had one to offer...
    but the Solina remains the best (or at least one of the best) with its fat, unique and charming sound.


    Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) used it on many records (Green Desert, Aqua, Le Park, Underwater Sunlight, etc.), Herbie Hancock (Secrets), AIR (Moon Safari), Mike Oldfield, Richard Wright / Pink Floyd (Shine On You Crazy Diamond), Kraftwerk (Autobahn album), Elton John (Song for Guy), Nick Straker (A walk in the park), Geoff Downes / Buggles (Video killed the radio star), the Bee Gees and the Carpenters (on live performances) ...

    By the way: Jean-Michel Jarre never used this one on his recordings. He used the Eminent 310U, which sounds different.

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