Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moog - Satellite

MOOG SATELLITE - HQ DEMO vintage synthesizer 1974

Text from the video :
  • The Moog Satellite is the successor of the rare Minitmoog (not Minimoog). It is built around a solid woodframe - it looks great! It's a monophonic synthesizer with presets, which can be changed (filter, modulation, LFO, envelope). The filter sounds great, although it's not the famous 24 db Moog filter. It sounds a bit like the Minikorg 700 or the Farfisa Syntorchestra. I like the meaty, analog sounds of the Satellite, which come to life when using it with delay, phaser, flanger...

    I played the Moog Satellite with the Roland DEP-5 multi effects processor (for hall and delay).

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