Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roland - CR-68

Roland CR-68 Preset Rhythm Pattern Demo

Text from the video :
  • Little brother to the famous CR-78. The 68 has the same preset rhythms as the 78, but lacks programmability, fade in/out, voice cancel and the additional "constant" percussion (Metallic Beat, Tambourine & Guiro). I have the pattern variation set to automatically change from the A pattern to the B pattern every 2 measures. Later I demonstrate the other fill in patterns and lastly combine rhythms. Be sure to subscribe to my Channel for future videos of vintage electronic instruments. I plan to make a CR-78 video after I take it to Audio Electronics in Dallas for some TLC. Special thanks to my son, SuperSane101, for making the edits at the end. (Someday, I'll learn to edit)

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