Monday, July 20, 2009

Doepfer - Dark Energy makes great review of the new Doepfer's synth "Dark Energy" .

Sonic LAB: Doepfer Dark Energy Analog Synthesizer

Text from the video :
  • This little feller came onto the scene at this year's Musik Messe, where as usual Dr Doepfer was at the controls. In the hands of the good Doctor, it the Dark Energy squealed and screamed, making some pretty unearthly noises.

    Under the control of my siginificantly less experienced fingers, I still managed to get the Dark Energy to give me plenty of aural pleasure.

    Dark Place
    A monophonic, fully analogue, semi-modular synthesizer is what we have here. It's born of the Eurorack modules, but slightly larger, with quality knob caps and lovely positive metal switches. It's also really sturdily constructed, with everything bolted to the metal case plate. Modules are normalled, so that you'll be making sound right off the get-go without any additional patching, but you can also get control access to the VCO frequency and pulsewidth, VCF frequency, VCA amplitude and envelope gate and external audio inputs. Outputs are LFO1, and envelope.

    Open The Gate

    However, there's a twist - also included is a USB/MIDI CV interface with hardwired control over the VCO and Gate - so plug in a USB or MIDI lead, and you are in full control. There are also 3 additional CV outputs that allow you to take Pitch Bend (CV out 1), velocity (CV out 3) and an assignable MIDI controller (CV out 4) and control additional parameters by patching (with the 2 included mini jack leads) wherever the mood takes you.

    It is possible to control external synths....... ( read full review here )

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Richard deCosta said...

Looks like a great little synth to have on your desk. It's like a mini-MiniMoog! And the price is quie reasonable, as well ($398).

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