Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dave Smith Instruments - Tetra

After few weeks without updates due my vacations I'm back with more synth videos. This time with the new synthesizer from David Smith Instruments , Tetra. It's a four voice version of the Mopho and can be used as four monophonic synths or a 4 voice polyphonic synth. Enjoy this great review in two parts created by Thomas White

Dave Smith Instruments "TETRA" Synthesizer Review Pt. 1

Dave Smith Instruments "TETRA" Synthesizer Review Pt. 2

Text from the video :
  • Here is my two part review of the new Tetra Synthesizer by Dave Smith Instruments. This is intended as an overview of the sounds and features of the synthesizer, with a small narrative about the over complex expectations of today's synthesizer enthusiasts that sometimes push the fringe of synthesizer elitists. Treat it like an editorial, take it or leave it. I love this powerful little synthesizer and have had more time to play with it since making this video footage last week. I hope you enjoy the sounds, and at $800 for a 4 voice true analog synth, you can't go wrong. Want more knobs? Use the editor and one of your multiple MIDI controllers.

    Thanks for stopping by! Check out www.davesmithinstruments.com for more information on the Tetra and the other Dave Smith instruments.

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