Friday, September 3, 2010

MFOS - Synth-DIY Experimenter Board

  • Brand : Music From Outer Space ( MFOS )
  • Model : Synth-DIY Experimenter Board
  • Year : 2010
  • Technology : Analog

The MFOS Synth-DIY Experimenter PC Board

Synth-DIY Experimenter Board Part 1

Synth-DIY Experimenter Board Part 2

Text from the video :
  • If you've been wanting to get started in synth-diy by building a cool sound effect box you can't do better than this project. You will have a veritable plethora of sound generating devices in the palm of your hand although I recommend some kind of case (last joke I promise). This board is packed with simple circuits that sound cool. You'll be surprised by the number of sound possibilities it supports. You don't have to build all of the modules either. You can just build what you want to make a specific sound. You want wind... just build the White Noise Generator and one VCF. You want better wind build the White Noise Generator both VCFs and the output mixer. How about birds or bell sounds... just build the Sound Effect Oscillators an AR Envelope Generator and an LFO. You can go as far as you like with this project.

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Music for Songwriters said...

great video! very informative...even a newbie like me could learn from it...thanks...

Victor Wetherbee said...

For the musicians out there who want to experience the analog way of synthesizing sounds, this is the way to go! If you have enough knowledge on electronics and resources, it can be a fantastic weekend DIY project.

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