Monday, October 24, 2011

Corsynth C101 Overview + FM

First video featuring the new Corsynth C101 OTA Lowpass Filter.

Corsynth C101 Overview + FM

Text from the video :
  • Corsynth is an small company from the Northwest of Spain dedicated to manufacture modules for analogue modular synthesizers.

    The C101 OTA Lowpass filter is a four pole low pass filter ( 24db/octave ) based on four cascade OTA-stages. The design is similar to the one found in classic synthesizers like Roland System 700, Roland System 100m, Roland SH-1, SH-7, SH-101, Roland Jupiter 8, Jen SX1000 and many more.
Source :More info about Corsynth C101 OTA Lowpass Filter:Buy :


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