Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

The last release from Dave Smith Instruments is Mopho. A monophonic synthesizer that shares the voice architecture of the Prophet 8. All the signal path is analog , with two oscillator two suboctave generator, low pass filter ( 12 - 24 db),three envelopes, noise generator... Listen this great yellow machine on this demos created by The Keyboard Wizard

Keybdwizrd - DSI Mopho Demo #1

Keybdwizrd - DSI Mopho Demo #2

Keybdwizrd - DSI Mopho Demo #3

Text from the video :
  • A demonstration of the Mopho analog synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments. Lexicon MX200 used for delay and reverb effects.

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