Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MFB Synth Lite II

Another little synth from MFB. It's an analog monosynth with two DCOs, ringmodulator, two envelopes, 1 low pass filter (24 db), integrated step sequencer... All inside of a little blue box ( 18 x 13 cm ).


Text from the video :
  • MFB-SYNTH LITE II is a little monophonic synthesizer from Berlin. I like this sweet little box, but also I found some bad points.

    Good points: It has a very analog-ish sound character (although it uses digital oscillators). Suboscillator and ring modulator give it much complexity. It offers not only warm sounds but also fat and dirty sounds.

    It has an intuitive interface in spite of its small size. I think it is well designed "as it should be".

    Bad points: In fact, LITE II is not a reliable product. Its built-in step sequencer has many flaws. Overall sound quality is not good (there is noticeable amount of noise). OSC-sync and PWM don't work right.

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