Thursday, November 6, 2008

Korg SQ-10

The Korg SQ-10 is the perfect added for the Korg MS family (Ms-10,Ms-20,Ms-50). It's step sequencer, released by Korg in 1978.It has 3 rows of 12 steps but you can chain 2 of them to get 24 steps.It works with the standard Hz/V instead Oct/V so if you want to use it with other analog synthesizers you must have a converser.

Korg SQ-10 plays the Korg MS-20

Text from the video :
  • This is a Korg SQ-10 (analog sequencer) playing a 16-step sequence on a Korg MS-20. The first 8 steps (Channel A) only use VCO1. The other 8 (Channel B) only use VCO2. Channel C controls the HPF (per step). Also each 3rd and 11th step the some white noise is added via EG1 and VCA. The SQ-10 is synced with a Korg Triton (which is only used for a simple drum part) via a Doepfer MSY1.

    If you're interested in knob/patch settings, let me know (I took some pictures).

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