Monday, November 17, 2008

Roland System 100 1 / 4

The Roland System 100 it's an analog semi-modular synthesizer. The system consist of five modules, 101 synthesizer, 102 expander ,103 mixer, 104 sequencer, 109 speakers. The heart of the system is de 101 synthesizer, that can be used alone without any other module. During the next days I'll post four videos about Roland System 100, made by armalyte that explain this synthesizer very well.

Roland System 100 - A Short(ish) demo (Part 1)

Text from the video :
  • This short(ish) demonstration of the Roland System 100 synthesizer is actually spread out over 4 parts (oops..hence "short-ish"), so keep your eyes peeled for the other sections. All demos contain the 101(synthesizer), 102 (expander) and 104 (sequencer) components

    This section contains:

    • A basic patch using the 101 and 102
    • Filter mod using the sequencer
    • Filter mod using an oscillator (also known as filter fm)
    • Filter modulation using the sample and hold unit on the 102 expander

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More info about Roland System 100 :

Roland System 100 pictures :

Roland System 100 on Ebay


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