Sunday, November 2, 2008

Synthesizer performance

Stellar nursery part 1

Stellar nursery part 2

Stellar nursery part 3

Stellar nursery part 4

Text from the video :
  • After Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy had viewed a few "Mr. Hands on synths" videos on YouTube, they decided to elaborate on that concept. They invited their friend and cameraman, Bart Hawkins, to help create a video showcasing a live performance on their numerous vintage analog and digital synths. Padilla and Murphy had not performed together with most of their synthesizers for a few years, and they were still plugging in their instruments when Hawkins arrived! This video is the end result, and is a lot of fun to view and hear! It's available on their CD release "ANALOG DESTINATION" which is due for release in 2008 on the GROOVE label from the Netherlands!

    Due to the track's length of time (28 MINUTES!), the track is divided into four parts.

    Enjoy the music!

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