Monday, January 12, 2009

MFOS - 16 Step Analog Sequencer

This is my DIY 16 Step Analog Sequencer, I finished it ( more or less ) last Thursday and this is one the first test that I've made with my

MFOS 16 Step Analog Sequencer ( DIY Project )

Text from the video :
  • DIY project from "Music From Outer Space( MFOS)"

    16 step analog sequencer designed by Ray Wilson

    I expend the last two months building this project. It's almost finished, only cosmetic things left but it's totally functional.

    The sequence on this video is only for show the posibilites of the sequencer, doesn't have musical purpose. The audio is mix 20/80 phone camera / computer recording

    The main features of this sequencer are :

    - 16 steps
    - Every Step has Gate On/off
    - Coarse and Fine tune pots for programming
    - Internal clock with variable rate
    - Clock Out
    - Synced start with external signal
    - Clock in ( work slaved to external clock )
    - Voltage out with or without portamento and simultaneous available

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More info about MFOS 16 Step Analog Sequencer :

MFOS 16 Step Analog Sequencer pictures :

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