Friday, February 6, 2009

Klee Sequencer

DIY sequencer.

From Scott Stites site :

"In March of 2004, I breadboarded a specialized sort of sequencer inspired by Don Buchla's Quantized Random Voltage function in his 266 Source of Uncertainty module and Ken Stone's Gated Comparator.
A while later, Romeo Fahl built a sequencer based on this design. He dubbed it the "Klee Sequencer", after the artist Paul Klee. This name immediately stuck in my mind, because Paul Klee's art is beautifully abstract, much like the results of this sequencer, and the name 'Klee' is actually pronounced as 'clay', as in my mention of the process of programming the thing. Thus, the name 'Klee Sequencer' was born".

Photon's Klee - Random, 8X2, Gate Bus 1 Load , Invert B Kwik-Vid

Text from the video :
  • This is an extra Klee I have on loan from electro-music's Photon. It's a really nicely built and arranged Klee. I've got the hood popped so I can look at the guts (really nice wiring in this). This is a quick video of it controlling two VCOs with the A output while the filter is controlled from the A+B output. It's in 8X2 mode, random mode, with my Blacet Dark Star noise output driving the random input. I flip between Invert B On and Off, and Gate Bus 1 load on and off to vary things around.

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  • You can preorder your PCB here


Scott S. said...

Hey, thanks for posting this video!

This Klee belongs to a friend of mine, and is much better looking than mine (which is basically a slab of aluminum rack panel with the parts mounted to it).

I've written a document describing the Klee sequencer, which can be downloaded here:

It's a PDF doc, BTW.

Take care, and thanks again,

Thalassa said...

Hello Scott, I've updated the post with that document :) , thanks for your work :)

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