Friday, March 6, 2009

News - Radikal Technologies - Spectralis 2

Radikal Technologies mix analog and digital worlds inside their new synthesizer.

"The Spectralis 2 hybrid synth, fueled by the latest DSP- and true analog technology [...] The Spectralis 2’ oscillator section takes sound design to new extremes. The 4 oscillators offer continuously variable waveshapes plus time linearity modulation, FM, PM, oscillator synchronisation, bit reduction and independent pitch and volume envelopes. The self resonating filters, a 4 pole lowpass and a 2 pole multimode filter with LP, HP, BP and notch outputs, use two highly improved true analog circuit designs to overcome the restrictions of modelling based synths. [....] The synthesis engine takes advantage of a sophisticated step sequencing system - 32 independent parameter control lines with up to 192 steps let you explore an universe of previously unheard rhythmic effects and atmospheric textures. Punchy high resolution envelopes, are the cutting edge of todays synthesizer technology. " from

Spectralis 2 will be available at the end of March


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