Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Synthesizer Performance with Korg MS family

* * * Korg MS-50 * MS-20 * MS-20 * SQ-10 * * *

Text from the video :
  • Another interesting experiment with only original live created MS-20 / MS-50 sounds (incl. beat), no FX at all!

    The SQ-10 triggers and sequences all synths:
    - The MS-50 plays a rythmic bass pattern (SQ-10 channel A+B).
    - The MS-20 plays another rythmic pattern using 2 different tuned VCO's, also sequenced by channel A+B, but using the inverted signal, which also goes through the MS-50 integrator for portamento purposes. EG1 controls the VCO frequency and swaps between 2 CV values every 32(!) steps, by using step 1 trigger output (which triggers once every 8 steps) divided by 4 (MS-50 divider) to generate a trigger once every 32 steps.
    - The other MS-20 plays a simple beat, a bass drum with hi-hat pattern (channel C).

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