Wednesday, April 29, 2009

News - Macbeth - X-Series

Macbeth Systems is going to produce modules for modular synthesizers. The format will be 5U high ( Moog,, COTK...). According with the pictures on Macbeth's myspace, the planned modules are :
  • Dual Oscillator/Dual LFO
  • Input Mixer with Inverters Module
  • (Dual) LFO/S&H/Noise
  • 'Back End' All Transistor Multi- Stage Transistor Ladder Filter/VCAs/LFO/EGs
This video is a recording made with prototype modules and the sound is amazing!!!

macbeth x series 1

Text from the video :
  • Stills of Ken MacBeth with the X-Series modular prototype modules. Soundtrack made with the same...

Source :

More info about Macbeth X-Series :

Macbeth X-Series pictures :


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