Sunday, April 5, 2009

Studio Techniques - Filters

In this video gattobus , shows you how work with filters can help you to increase your fun on the studio, and for example, transform a normal drum-loop in something totally new and fresh.

Playing filters: Sherman Filterbank VS Elektron Monomachine

Text from the video :
  • Just I a little experiment I wanted to share with all synth freaks like me.

    It's a drum loop filtered with ELEKTRON MONOMACHINE and SHERMAN FILTERBANK 2.
    I took advantage from the perfect tracking capabilities of the Elektron digital filters to "extract" a melody from the drum loop.
    The signal coming from the Monomachine triggers the envelope of the filterbank, then I tuned the filters frequency to get a deep bass-like sound.
    The 2 filters of the Filterbank are also hard-synced at different octaves to get a more harmonic timbre.

    I hope you'll like the result...

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