Monday, April 6, 2009

Semi-Modular Madness - Korg MS-20 / MS-50 / SQ-10

Another great video by Newueel showing his Korg MS based set-up ( 2 x MS-20 , MS-50 and SQ-10 ).

Korg MS Series - Multifunctional Monophonism

Text from the video :
  • This powerful analogue setup with 3 monophonic synths and an analogue sequencer shows the real power of these great little machines!

    The MS-50 has a very interesting stereo panning patch. Both MS-50 VCA's are using the same sound source, but the outputs are routed to different channels/speakers. VCA1 (left speaker) is controlled by EG1 OUT. VCA2 (right speaker) is controlled by EG1 REV OUT (reversed output). This way the amp levels for both speakers are always the opposite of each other.
    The fade time between the speakers is controlled by the EG1 attack (R2L) and delay time (L2R). EG1 is triggered once every 32 steps (by SQ-10 + MS-50 divider), so the stereo panning cycle is synched with the other SQ-10 patterns.
    Also a flanger+delay (from the Kaoss pad) is added to the MS-50 (but the stereo effect is from the MS-50!).

    The MS-20's are basically playing the drum parts, but this video also shows how to mix this with melodic parts.

    Most of my actions are explained in the video, so just watch and enjoy!

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