Monday, May 4, 2009

ARP - Solus

One the of the latests synths from ARP.

Main characteristics :
  • Monophonic
  • Two VCO
  • One LFO
  • Digital Ring Modulator
  • Low Pass Filter 24db
  • One ADSR

Arp Solus

Text from the video :
  • This is a video of the ARP Solus, done both for Historical sake, as well as for my eBay auction. The Solus was a low cost budget analog monophonic synth made by ARP in the late 1970's and early 1980's before ARP went bankrupt. Some of the main features are its built-in case, 2 VCO's (which are super stable and stay in tune!), a 24db low pass filter that can be made to self-oscillate, a ring modulator, oscillator sync, ability to add Freqeuncy Modulation (FM) to oscillator 2, full set of CV ins/outs, and an external input to route through the filter and envelopes.

    This is my first youtube video, it is not as easy as it looks! It was very difficult to do by myself. Also, please excuse my lousy keyboard playing

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