Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Modular Madness - Sduck409

Complex modular patch created by Stephen Drake. You can find more pictures of his huge modular system here


Text from the video :
  • A short video of an annoying patch I've been messing with. Lots of modules used - 3 motm 300's being cross-modulated, getting pitch cv's from the klee sequencer; main clock is the blacet binary zone; clock is being divided by the cgs pulse divider, various odd pulses are kicking several motm 800's which are firing into 3 lpg's, which are shaping the vco's sound; then there's the wogglebug, which is set to this eerie singling clocked setting I found, running through a motm 190 vca controlled by a long ramp wave, then running into a motm 410, feeding stereo outs. Audio captured in cubase, reverb added.

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