Monday, May 25, 2009

MFOS Soundlab Mini-Synth jam

Good demo of the Soundlab Minisynth on a musical context.

My Handbuilt Soundlab Mini-Synth

Text from the video :
  • My handbuilt Analog synth by yours truly
    Soundlab MiniSynth Designed by Ray Wilson

    This is one long jam that I spliced up into viewable bits and fit to a beat, no multitracking involved

    Video created in ableton live and arkaos vj

    Used to make this video:
    -Kenton Pro 2000 mk ii Midi to CV converter
    -Ableton Live sending Gate
    -Access Virus Indigo ii sending note data
    -Only effect used was just a slight touch of digital delay to give space
    -Microtonic for steady kick, various loops for drums

    This project took about a month of gathering the parts necessary as it was my first learning experience. Build time was about 8 hours total.

    Enjoy, feel free to ask questions or comments!


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