Sunday, May 10, 2009

Music and More ( MAM ) - ADX1

This drum machine was produced by the German company MAM ( Music and More ). It's an analog drum synthesizer with five instruments ( Metal, Snare, Hihat,Synth, Bass ), the external aspect is similar to the Vermoma DRM1. I prefer not to call it "Drum Machine" because it lacks of internal sequencer so I think that "Drum Synthesizer" it's a more accurate definition.

Music And More (MAM) ADX 1 Demo

Text from the video :
  • Quick demo of a compact and inexpensive drum synthesizer. It has 5 voice channels: Bass, Synth, Snare, Hi Hat and Metal (in ascending order on machine). One cool feature about this machine is that the Snare and Hi Hat channels feature both "open" and "closed" variants. You can here the "closed" snare on notes 5 & 13 (on a typical 16th note Roland x0x style pattern) and the "open" snare on note 8 (same note step I have the "synth" sound programmed on). Only real compaint I have with this instrument is that the MIDI note numbers are fixed and cannot be reassigned. The MIDI Channel is assigned using 4 dip switches on the rear panel. The rear panel has stereo outs (which I used with the front panel pan pots in this demonstration) and individual outs for outboard processing and/or mixing. The LED for the Metal channel is out on this particular unit. The sounds are sequenced via Roland TR-909 External Instrument mode. If you''re craving some fresh drum sounds and cannot afford the Vermona DRM-1, this is a great alternative. The bass on this demo is pretty low and cannot be heard on my crappy lap top speakers. Enjoy and be sure to check out my other videos of synths, drum machines and effects.

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