Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sound Synthesis - Vintage Drum Machine

Today I've made this patch that emulates the sound of the first analog drum machines. The patch is made using a very limited number of modules ( 4 ) of my modular synthesizer and the MFOS 16 Step Analog sequencer. I've enjoyed a lot playing with this patch.

Modular Drum Machine - + Yusynth + MFOS

Text from the video :
  • This patch emulates the classical sound of the drum machines from the 60s-70s

    The core of this patch is white noise generator , that is filtered using a multi mode filter.
    The sequencer CV out is controlling the the 1/cvt input of the filter, so you can program on the sequencer different filter response for every step.

    The filter has individual outs for filter types, here I'm using high-pass and band pass connected to a mixer and mixer out is conecto to VCA .

    The VCA is controlled by one ADSR that is triggered by sequencer gate out.

    Modules used in this patch :

    Yusynth Noise Generator State Variable Filter 4 Channel Mixer Envelope Generator Amplifier
    MFOS 16 Step Analog Sequencer

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