Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DIY - Resonant LoPass Gate

Martin Peters shows the applications of this DIY project that it's based on the Buchla 292 module.

Demo Resonant LoPass Gate

Text from the video :
  • This is a short demo of the Resonant LoPass Gate which is a clone of the famous Buchla 292c LoPass Gate. Thomas White is the one who made this possible by producing the schematics and the PCB. The PCB with components already on it I got 2nd hand from someone in Belgium. The two Vactrols on it are VTL5C6, which are the fast type. I added the components for the mixer section and got the panel, pots and knobs from The BrideChamber.
    In this demo the patching is as follows:
    On the LPG audio input 1 is a DotCom VCO with a triangle wave.
    On the LPG audio input 2 is another DotCom VCO with a triangle wave.
    On the LPG Control input is the Gate of the Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer. You can see me adjusting the length of the gate with the knobs on the MAQ16/3. The CV of the MAQ16/3 is going to the VCO's.
    On the LPG CV 1 input is the output of a DotCom Envelope Generator (settings A-0, D-4.5, S-0, R-2). So when turning the CV 1 knob up, the output of the EG is mixed with the Gate signal. Initially the CV 1 knob is down.
    The LPG's output goes to the AKAI Head Rush E2 which is switched on after a while during the music bit.
    I couldn't help to put a little music in the middle of this video, hope you don't mind.
    The resonance in the Frequency mode is quiet strong but I wanted to show the full turn; perhaps you will hear some clipping.

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