Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene IV cover by AnalogAudio1

Amazing cover version by AnalogAudio1 .

OXYGENE 4 (EXTENDED VERSION) cover played on vintage synthesizers (new mix)

Text from the video :
  • I recorded this cover of OXYGENE IV - music by Jean-Michel Jarre.

    NO SAMPLES were used - just the real thing (vintage electronic instruments). Every sound was played by hand and recorded onto multitrack without MIDI - like Jarre did in 1976. It was hard work - it required good timing - but I enjoyed the recording process very much! At the first picture in the video you can see a part of my studio. I used only the following vintage analog synthesizers / instruments:

    EMINENT 310 U (for the strings and pads with Small Stone)
    ARP ODYSSEY (brass-like lead sound)
    KORG MS-20 (bass)
    MOOG MICROMOOG for the sequencer sound, white noise FX and the lead sound with ELECTRIC MISTRESS flanger.

    I uploaded this cover track already two months ago on YouTube, but I was not 100% satisfied, so I remixed it again - this version sounds far better and it's also longer.

    It took three days to record and mix this track. Recording and mixing was doing digitally with LOGIC - I also used the reverb and delay plugins - as well as some equalizer plugs.

    Sure, JMJ used not exactly the same instruments - (I don't have a RMI or an ARP 2600). However, the ARP Odyssey that I used is the small brother of the 2600 and its basic sound is similar). For the RMI sounds I used the Micromoog, which has very fast envelopes.

    Music reproduced by kind permission of Jean Michel Jarre, see

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=PL&am... - thank you Jean-Michel!

    As a big JMJ fan I always wanted to make a very good OXYGENE 4 cover - as a maxi-single version, that never existed. For all JMJ fans (including me), here it is...

    There are many Oxygene 4 covers on YouTube... but to come as close to the original as this, you need analog equipment - you will not get such a sound from digital stuff, vst plugins...

    It is recorded in stereo, enjoy it...

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Rémy said...
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Rémy said...

Nice work ;) The RMI-style sound needs some more tweaking, though.
Maybe just a layer to remove, because we can clearly an almost "identic" sound superposed to a "too noisy" one.
But that's good work ^^

Thumbs up !

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