Friday, July 10, 2009

ARP Odyssey Restoration

I've been very busy the last weeks working on this synth. Now is working great , sliders are soft and keyboard feels great. If you want to know more about this restoration read the "Text from the video" section.

RP Odyssey MKII 2813 Test after restoration

Text from the video :
  • The last few weeks I've been working restoring this ARP Odyssey. This is an ARP Odyssey MKII 2813. Filter is 4075 model and the synth has CV/gate in/outs. This video was made while I was testing the synth after assembling. SOme reverb/delay has been added , the audio has been recorded on the computer and substitutes the camera audio.

    Some of the works that have been made on the synth were :

    - All sliders have been desoldered from the pcb , opened and cleaned and changed if needed.
    - All switches have been desoldered from the pcb , opened and cleaned.
    - Boards have been cleaned
    - Keyboard have been totally disassembled and cleaned
    - Keyboard bushings have been replaced
    - CV and Gate bus have been cleaned
    - Front panel has been cleaned
    - Filter has been mod for higher cut off frequency (4075 filter bug correction)
    -Synth has been recalibrated
    -etc etc etc

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