Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Synthesizer Performance - Spectralis 2

Spectralis: Stepsequencer performance

Text from the video :
  • This demonstration shows the realtime access to the step sequencer during a live performance. I change the playback direction, skip notes, enter new notes and other things while performing.
    I am also showing the live mixing of parts and FX editing. The session is captured directly from the sum outputs of the Spectralis 2 and I have not used any external FXs or EQs to get that sound. But I did a new sampleset for this demo. This sampleset includes drumsounds with reverbration. So - all the reverb effects are from the samples. Detuning the samples gives some nice sounding FXs. I will upload that sampleset to the Radikal website soon.

    PS1: And by the way - please insert the missing "t" in the word "Start" at the beginning of this performance. I saw that directly after uploading the video...
    PS2: I checked the audio quality after uploading the demo and must say, that the bass sounds horrible after conversion. Hopefully, it sounds better in HD setting.

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